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The MWM 10 Series engines are the result of a continuous technological development. These reliable and high performance engines stand out for their lightness and low operational cost (individual headblocks - cylinder heads and removable cylinder liners). In addition, they were developed to meet the most stringent gas emission standards.


Efficient, compact and resistant. This is MWM Sprint, an engine ahead of its time that incorporates the state-of-the-art technology. Its diesel and high speed features extraordinary performance and durability All these attributes become even more evident in the Sprint Electronic Series with the Common Rail injection system.

MWM NGD 3.0E Diesel Engines

3.0 Liter I-4 design that immediately sets best-in-class standards for diesel performance

NGD 3.0E with new Piezo Common Rail system has multiple injections and precise control for all speed range. The VNT technology is present here with electro pneumatic actuator and electronic control. It also features the "Diagnose On" system that monitors all parameters from the vehicle and engine.

Main Features
  • Aluminum cylinder head, cross flow
  • 4 valves per cylinder, OHC, with hydraulic valve lash adjustment
  • Injection system Piezo Common Rail with 1.700 bar –
  • high precision and reproducibility
  • Ecological oil filter with integrated cooler
  • Option for balancer unit
  • Plastic valve cover with high efficiency integrated breathing system


Emissions Euro III, capability for Euro IV
Configuration 4, in line
Valves / cylinder 4
Displacement 3,0 liters
Bore x stroke 96 x 102,5 mm
Combustion system Direct injection
Injection system Common Rail Piezo electronic
Aspiration Turbo Intercooler
Power output 140 - 185 hp (104.4 - 138 kW) @ 3800 rpm
Peak torque 34,7 - 44,9 kgf.m (340 - 440 Nm) @ 1600-2200 rpm
Injection pressure 1.600 bar
Weight (dry) 208 kg

Technical characteristics

Cylinder head

  • Aluminum, compact design
  • Cross Flow
  • Central and vertical injectors

Valve Train system

  • OHC
  • 4 valves per cylinder
  • Roller rocker arms
  • Hydraulic valve lash adjustment

Common Rail fuel system

  • Piezo actuated – high precision and reproducibility
  • High injection pressure: 1700 bar
  • Multiple injection capability (five events)

Chain Drive System

  • Dual single chain drive system
  • Automatic tensioners
  • Maintenance free

Typical Applications

  • Light trucks
  • Minibuses
  • Pick-ups
  • SUV's
  • Vans



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