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BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction
Organic Liquid Fertilizer

A new concept agricultural multi-action formula fertilizer. Utilizes natural vegetative extract components to inhibit or impair the basic biological functions of insects or fungi and at the same time, enhancing the growth of the plant.

Active Constituents

Neem oil, natural pine extracts, castor seed extract, cottonseed extract, rice husk extract, linseed extract, amino acid, tall oil, citrus extract, lemongrass extract and protein (quill derivative).




Protective & curative functions for fruit trees, vegetables, greenhouse crops, ornamentals, forest seedlings and most other plants.

Leafy vegetables are especially susceptible to attack from predatory insects, snails, leaf-miners, caterpillars, whiteflies, and aphids which reduce yield and/or market value, As an insect repellent and anti-feedant, use of BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction on leafy vegetable have shown eradication of insect attack on their leaves resulting in healthier looking vegetables.

Ant colonies which are sometimes found at the roots of trees are also effectively expelled with BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction without having to resort to hazardous chemical based and toxic insecticides which are likely to kill the tree/plant and contaminate the soil.

Fruit trees are commonly susceptible to attack by insects, caterpillars and aphids which affect and retard final fruit-bearing expectations. Predatory insects begin attacking fruit trees/plants as early as during blossoming stages, depositing their eggs in blossoming flowers before the actual formation of fruits. It is therefore necessary to spray fruit trees periodically, starting as early as the blossoming stage until fruition.

Laboratory test have shown that BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is effective in killing the larvae of Aedes aegypti, the dengue haemorrhagic fever carrier mosquito. For this purpose, a concentration of not less than 0.1% (1 : 1000) is required.



Padi (rice)

1 : 600 to 1: 1000 Spray padi field once in every 12 days
Fruit trees, etc

1 : 500 to 1: 800

Spray leaves, trunk & soil once in 7 to 14 days.

For fruit trees, spray before and after blossoms. Caution : Do not spray when the plant/crop is in full blossom.

Strawberries, grapes, pepper, honeydew, etc

1: 600 to 1: 800

Spray soil & plant once in 7 to 14 days

BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is 100% biodegradable and does not pollute soil or water in farms and plantations. BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction does not contain any toxic elements and therefore leaves no toxic residue on vegetables and fruits.

Physical properties

BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is an emulsion of natural vegetable extracts that is completely miscible in water. Hence there are no short-term sedimentation problems that users of partially soluble powder agents have to contend with. Solutions of BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction even at high dilution factors have low surface tension. This allows droplets of BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction to adhere more effectively and evenly to waxy cuticular surfaces. Other solutions of higher surface tension would be inclined to slide off angled plant surfaces, thereby resulting in uneven distribution on the target area or worse excessive drainage to the surrounding topsoil.


Evidence suggests that once diluted, BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is quickly and fully biodegradable (in a matter of days depending on the dilution factor employed), a process that is accelerated upon exposure to natural Ultra-Violet radiation. This means that BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction can continue to be applied closer to harvest time than other agents. This factor also reduces its sustained biological impact on the natural bacterial population in the biosphere. Leaching of BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction into the water table would only be temporary before degradation; consumption of BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is not hazardous to mammals.


At the recommended dilution, BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is a systemic fungistat which confers a curative as well as a protective role. Lesions caused by phytopathogens have a decreased growth rate, allowing the host plant’s natural defense mechanisms opportunity to contain the infection by itself. By doing so, the trauma of introducing foreign substances to the plant phenolic compounds have a non-specific site of action. Hence the development of sudden and rapid disease resistance is unlikely.

The low vapour pressure of the phenolics has another function. It allows the evaporation of the fungistat (fungi growth inhibitor) unto the still damp air that is retained by the plant canopy; these are the conditions that usually favour the germination of fungal spores.


BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction contains the anti-feedant neem that, combined with its physical properties, provides a uniform protective coat from larval and adult insect feeders. Reduction of insect feeding not only decreases the actual insect pest population, but also reduces the incidence of damage caused by secondary or opportunistic infection, following initial plant tissue damage.

Operator tolerant

BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction is not classified as toxic to mammals. Users are therefore not required to adopt special procedures nor protective clothing to limit their exposure to BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction. Dilution are simply done with water, and occasional applications of incorrect doses should not have adverse effects on the crop. Neither should excessive use of BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction result in loss of fungal disease control due to development of resistance.

Simplified Disease Management

BioGROWTHTM - MultiAction has a non-specific mode-of-action. This eliminates the need to alternate or mix two or more types of pesticides/fungicides which are usually employed to counteract development of resistance in insects/fungi.



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