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ElectroGel 3000
Lead Acid Batteries
MWM Engines - Stationary
MWM Engines - Vehicular
MWM Engines - Marine
Ni-Cd Batteries


Environment friendly battery additive - ElectroGel 3000
Environmentally friendly lead acid battery additive fluid.
An ideal and effective battery additive to remove battery sulphation, extend battery life, revive sulphated and dead battery, especially for industrial traction battery recovery, such as forklift batteries repair and services.


Vehicle electrical power analyzing computer - VEPAC Battery Power Analyzer
We have developed a range of handheld and in-car unit of battery and vehicle electrical power analyzers, they are high-tech devices designed for battery distributors and vehicle mechanics. It is the tool that can help you to monitor and detect problem of lead acid batteries as well as vehicle electrical system includes starter and alternator. Capable of measuring state of charge, cranking current, reserved cranking capacity, cranking power index, battery internal resistance, ripple voltage, etc.

Golf Tournament Management System - KristalBall software
Golf event organizers' favourite PC software, it is comprehensive, user friendly, efficient, complete and widely used golf tournament management and scoring system. The system consists of KristalBall Golf Scoring System, KristalBall Server System, KristalBall Scoring TV Display System and KristalBall Golf Reservation System

Automotive and golf buggy lead acid batteries
We distribute lead acid batteries for cars, buses, trucks, diesel engines and golf buggies, including deionised water for battery maintenance. You can count on the quality of our lead acid battery for various applications as our batteries are processed with ElectroGel 3000 if necessary and verified by VEPAC power analyzer to ensure they are high state of charge or fully charged, low internal resistance and high current output.

Ni-Cd batteries repairs and services
Industrial Ni-Cd batteries need maintenance services regularly in-order to extend battery life. Usually, an industrial Ni-Cd battery service life can be extended to 7 years with regular maintenance services.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer BioGROWTH
A new concept agricultural multi-action formula fertilizer. Utilizes natural vegetative extract components to inhibit or impair the basic biological functions of insects or fungi and at the same time, enhancing the growth of the plant.


MWM Diesel Engines
Excellence in a wide range of applications such as generator sets, irrigation pumps, agriculture, industrial, marine and automotive industries among many others. The MWM diesel engines are the D229 series, the 10 series, 12 series, MS series, NGD series and the Sprint series for various applications up to 200hp.





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