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KristalBall Golf Tournament and Management System

KristalBall is a low cost, Windows based, user friendly and efficient golf tournament management system. It is one of the best golf tournament scoring softwares in the market. It provides all administrative, documentation and functional requirements of 9-hole, 18-hole, 27-hole, multiple courses, multiple days and unlimited golf tournaments.
The system is able to generate more than 2,500 combinations of results for a tournament. It is very flexible for club tournament, especially with Division and Team results management. It handles multiple stations with TV or projector result display.
The result combinations include: 

  1. Tournament ranking format:
    1. Gross Ranking
    2. Nett Ranking
    3. Stableford Ranking
    4. Bogey Ranking
  1. Handicapping:
    1. Preslope (Course)
    2. System 36
    3. System 36 (blind)
    4. Double Peoria
    5. Peoria
    6. New New Peoria
    7. Callaway
    8. Scheid
    9. Hcp adjustment
  1. Tie breaking or count back:
    1. USGA standard
    2. Handicap/USGA
    3. Age/USGA
    4. User define
  1. Division by Handicap:
    1. User define
    2. System compute (Handicap of the day)
  1. Team or inter-club result (Hole-by-hole or Total Score):
    1. Combined best ball
    2. Combined Score
    3. Best Ball
    4. Best Score
  1. Team handicap:
    1. Individual
    2. Combined handicap by percentage
    3. Best handicap
  1. Multiple Ranking:       (1) Gross       (2) Nett       (3) Stableford       (4) Bogey
  1. Ball Sweeps:              (1) Gross       (2) Nett       (3) Stableford       (4) Bogey
  1. Tournament Score Statistics by hole by score.

For more information, please refer to KristalBall Golf Tournament and Management System.



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