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Industrial Electronic Control Card Repair & Services

We provide all industrial control devices, electronic control circuit, power control card, machine control unit (MCU), electrical power control card, motor electronic speed controller and industrial device control board repair and services. We are able to do component level repair and services to enable re-use or recycle of all industrial electrical and electronic controller cards and components. Examples of our repair works includes electronic speed controller for electric cars, golf carts, golf buggies and machinery functional control electronic control boards.
For more details of what we repair and pricing, please contact us at sales@unergy.net






Web Design Services

We design and maintain website for your personal or your company needs. To promote your business online, to provide information of your products to the world, to promote your company and products image, or to establish constant contact with your customers worldwide, you need to have a good website to help you do the job. We can provide all the website designs, services and maintenance that you need to enhance your business image and provide more channel capacity to link up with the global market.





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