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Automotive/Traction Lead Acid Battery Distributions and Services

We are also an automotive battery distributor, we distribute lead acid batteries for cars, buses, trucks, diesel engines and golf buggies, including deionised water for battery maintenance. You can count on the quality of our lead acid battery for various applications as our batteries are processed with ElectroGel 3000 battery additive if necessary and verified by VEPAC battery power analyser to ensure they are high state of charge or fully charged, low internal resistance and high current output.

We provide forklift battery and deep cycle batteries repair and servicing. We use ElectroGel 3000 to service sulphated deep cycle batteries especially forklift batteries to extend their service life, and also revive condemn forklift batteries due to sulphation. Sulphated golf buggy batteries are applicable for ElectroGel 3000 treatment and servicing too, our services will enhance their service life and increase current output.





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