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(Environment friendly additive for lead acid batteries)

Sulphation is the major cause (75%) of lead acid battery failure. This occurs as lead sulphate which forms on battery plates during discharging crystallizes into irreversible compounds over time. Sulphation erodes battery capacity and efficiency and ultimately their useful life. ElectroGel 3000 works directly at REMOVING SULPHATION from battery plates and extends battery life.

ElectroGel 3000 (EG3000) ONE OF THE BEST BATTERY ADDITIVE in the market that has been proven to be highly effective for lead acid batteries, especially traction batteries for the following application:

  • Remove sulphation, extend battery life and improve battery performance.
  • Improve battery charging efficency and increase cranking current output.
  • Maintain higher current output and longer battery life.
  • Revive and recondition used, sulphated and dead battery.

Below are the results of EG3000 application tests on 5 sulphated batteries (with different duration of sulphation) that have been condemned and unable to recharge up by conventional charging method. Take note of the speedy recovery of voltage in the initial 10 minutes after addition of EG3000. All batteries were recharged to serviceable state after treatment with EG3000.

Benefits of ElectroGel 3000 to end users.

  • Reduce battery replacement and maintenance costs
  • Maximize battery capacity and life
  • Improve current output and cranking power
  • Reduce fuel and power consumption
  • Improve battery efficiency, performance and productivity


Usage Instructions:

EG3000 is non-toxic, non-explosive and non-flammable. A simplified usage steps are as follows:

  • Shake well (EG3000 compound) before usage
  • Do not add water into EG3000 before application
  • Add equal amount into each battery cell
  • Refer to usage table for application quantity
  • Ensure electrolyte is at appropriate level. Do not overfill
  • Use de-ionized water for normal battery maintenance
  • For cold weather or emergency starting, wait for about 20 mins before re-cranking
  • It is important to recharge battery after adding EG3000 for maximum effectiveness

For more information and details about ElectroGel 3000 battery additive, please refer to ElectroGel 3000 website.


Procedure for Recovering Used/Sulphated Lead Acid Traction Batteries

1) Add EG3000 (allow 2 to 6 hours reaction time for better result)
Remove electrolyte before adding EG3000 if necessary. Add equal amount of EG3000 into each cell accordingly. Allow chemical reaction to complete in battery for at least 2 hours. Do not allow EG3000 to contact with any metal or nylon before application.

2) Low Current Charge up of Battery
Fully charge up battery by low constant current (2% - 5% of AH capacity) charging.

3) Low Current Discharge of battery
Slowly discharge battery with not more than 10% current of AH capacity till voltage decrease 12.5% (e.g. from 12V to 10.5V, from 36V to 31.5V, From 48V to 42V). Calculate battery capacity (Amp x Hrs = AH) if necessary.

4) Add EG3000 If Necessary
If the capacity does not increase more than 10%, or load test fail, add EG3000 again to each cell accordingly.

5) Repeat step (2) and (3) for Another Two Cycles
Charge & discharge the battery with low current for another 2 cycles. The capacity of battery will increase gradually up to 30% or more.

6) Charge Up Battery, Check Voltage, S.G. & Load Test
After charging, voltage of battery should not be less than 2.0 volts per cell, S.G. should not fall below 1.23 or 1.25 for starter or traction battery respectively. Load test voltage should not drop more than 12.5% (e.g. 10.5V & above for 12V battery, i.e. 1.75V per cell).
If voltage, S.G. or load test failed, you may want to reject the battery for recovery servicing, or, you may replace the entire acid (S.G. 1.28 for forklift battery) in the battery/cell, add the same amount of EG3000 into each cell, repeat step (2) and (3), check battery quality again.

7) Ready For Delivery/Use
Clean the accepted battery, label & record date of processing; the battery is ready for delivery/Use. You may skip steps (4) to (6) for good or slightly sulphated battery.

8) Fully Charge Up Battery Before Use
After installing the re-conditioned traction batteries into machine, fully charge the battery accordingly before application. The battery capacity will increase gradually as usage increase.



This information is based on data believed by BONWE Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore, to be accurate at the time of writing but is subjected to change without notice. It is given in good faith, for the assistance of users and is of a general nature. No legal warranty expressed or implied is made as to its accuracy, completeness or otherwise. Every person dealing with the materials referred to herein does so at their own risk absolutely and must make independent determinations of suitability and completeness from all sources to ensure their proper use. We have no control over the conditions under which these products are stored, handled or used, and therefore our recommendations must not be regarded as amounting to legal warranty or as involving any legal liability on BONWE Technology (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore.





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